Get Rewarded With "Rewards 10"

The Village Pub is grateful that you have supported us for so long. We wanted to give something back and allow you to enjoy everything that we have to offer even more. Now you can save money and earn free food with the Village Pub's "Rewards 10" program.

How it works

Simply fill out this online form or come in and grab an application and you can get immediate rewards. Instantly get 10% off on every regular priced food item on every visit. After that, allow about a week for us to process your application, then, when you return to the Village Pub, simply provide your phone number or your unique "customer" number to your server or bartender, and not only will you get 10% off all regular priced food orders, but you will get a $10 coupon to use on food for every $100 you spend on ANYTHING at the Pub. You save money and get free food as well.

There are no restrictions on when you can use your rewards discount or $10 coupons. You do not have to carry a card around with you. You can simply use your phone number to activate your rewards. We can provide a card with a customer number on it if you would rather not use your phone number, but there is no requirement for it. Due to state law, we cannot give discounts on alcohol or tobacco products, nor can the rewards coupon be used for those items.

There is no limit on how many rewards coupons you can earn. Every time you visit the Pub, make sure you tell your server your number and your purchases will add up. Your receipt will show you your current reward points, and how many points you need to get your next $10 reward coupon. In addition, from time to time we will email you special offers. And of course, all of our special offers count towards your reward points.

Why is it Called Rewards 10? Why not Rewards 10 + 10?

We didn't think 10 + 10 was as catchy even though, technically, you get 10% off and 10% back, so while 10 + 10 is indeed more accurate, we thought "Rewards 10" was simply fun, just like the Pub.

Why does it take a week to start accumulating reward points?

Plain and simple, we have to process the application before you are entered into the system. Technology is great, but sometimes there is a delay. It may not take a full week, but you can begin receiving your 10% discount on regular priced food immediately. Just print out your welcome email and present it to your server if you sign up online, or drop by the Pub and fill out our form in person, and you will get the 10% off immediately.

How Do I Pick Up My Card

One week after you sign up, simply drop by the pub and ask your server or bartender to grab it for you. Remember, you do not need a card to get your benefits; all you need is to tell your server your phone number prior to paying your check. We offer the cards so that people who are not comfortable sharing personal information in public have an alternative way to collect their rewards.

How Do I Get My Rewards Coupons & When Can I Use It?

After you spend $100 at the Village Pub, when you get your receipt, you will get a coupon good for $10 on any food items. You can use this coupon at any time that the Village Pub is open. The coupon is valid for 90 days. If you don't spend more than $100 at once, we will calculate your totals from multiple visits. You can find your running total on your receipt.

How safe is my data?

We take your privacy seriously and do not share your data with any 3rd parties. We have been responsibly taking care of guests for over 15 years and we would never risk our reputation by putting your information at risk. Please read our Privacy Policy for detailed information about our pledge to protect you.

Some Restrictions May Apply

10% Discount valid on Regular Priced Food only. Rewards 10 coupons good only on food items. Only one discount per table. Discounts and coupons not valid on alcohol or tobacco products. Balance viewable on receipts. Total Rewards 10 balance determined by all purchases. Rewards 10 coupons may not be redeemed for cash, check, or credit, unless required by law. The Rewards 10 program is not a debit or credit card and has no implied warranties. The Village Pub reserves the right to terminate or modify this program without notice for any reason.

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